The 8 styling tricks that all stylists use every day
and you should know too

Thé fashion tips our stylists use everday for an eyecatching look and every woman should know! do you know them all?

1.Tuck it in

Tucking your sweater or top into your pants is the best way to make your legs look longer! And by the way, it defines your waist at the same time. Sounds like a win-win, right? ;)

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2.Show your sleeves

By letting the sleeve ends of your blouse come out a bit under your blazer, you give your chic look a slightly more playful and contemporary twist. Is ‘it’s all in the details’ your motto? Then go for a blouse with, for example, ruffles or embroidery details along the cuffs for some extra allure.

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3. Wear a belt

Whether you use it to keep your jeans in place, to define your waist or purely as an accessory – the belt is a must and always comes in handy. The same goes for a one-tone look: by adding a belt, you ‘break’ the outfit and ensure that your body shape is accentuated.

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4. Stick to the 3 colour rule

Make sure you use a maximum of three different shades per outfit. This way it stays stylish and prevents your look from looking messy.

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5. Choose the right panty shade

On colder days we often get the question how you can still wear those beautiful dresses or skirts in natural tones. Our styling trick? Instead of black, opt for brown tights. Where black stands out too much, brown creates a warm and monochrome overall.

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6. Accentuate the waist

We love pairing pretty dresses with classy blazers, but sometimes these two could use some extra sexiness. To achieve this, wear a statement belt around your waist. This way your waist gets defined and it gives your outfit that little something extra!

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7. Roll up your sleeves

Want to give your favourite cardigan or sweater a more playful touch? Roll up your sleeves! It will instantly give your outfit a smart-looking twist.

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8. Go for matching accessories

Curious for a smart way to give your outfits that perfectly styled look? We've got you! Match the colour of your accessories with another item from your look et voila, you've got yourself an effortlessly flawless attire.

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