Will my package still be delivered at home?

At the moment we do send your order as we would regularly do, but due to the situation there have been some changes when it comes to the delivery:

Due to the outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19) delivery to business or house addresses is limited in certain countries, cities, provinces, or on certain weekdays. This is momentarily the case for certain postal codes in Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain and Switzerland. If you reside in one of these countries, please click and check the PDF for current restricted / limited delivery accessibility before placing your order.

  • In some area codes it’s temporary impossible to receive your order: Download PDF
  • When you’re not at home and you have not given permission to leave the package behind, the package will be returned immediately. The costs for this return shipment are to be paid by you.
  • Keep in mind that these measures and changes can cause delays and a longer shipping time

Have hygiene measures been taken for a safe delivery?

GLS is doing everything they can to put the health and safety of its employees, partners, customers and recipients first. For now, with permission of you, the deliverers will sign for acceptance themselves. They will keep a safe distance and wear gloves.

Can I still return my order

As long as the post office’s are open, it’s still possible to return your package. Keep in mind that it might take a little longer for us to receive and process your return. As soon as the current situation is changing, we’ll keep you informed.

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