About Little Soho

How it all began...

One handbag. The kind of handbag that is so desirable, you find yourself wondering whether or not your family would mind eating noodle soup all month just so you could buy it.

Years ago, one of us found one such handbag all the way in Argentina. The other discovered the very same in Amsterdam. Both of us fell in love with it. And just like our mothers taught us since the day we played dress-up in her clothes: the right handbag can change your life.

It certainly did for us. That handbag was the start of our company. And our friendship. And our first collection. A collection that to this day is made up from items that are all as covetable as that bag. At least, that’s what we aim for.

The Best of Boutique

Instead of looking for the safe or obvious choices, we search for unique, original, quirky items that stand out either in their use of materials, their beautiful detailing or their craftsmanship. Each season, we strive to offer you a collection full of clothes and accessories that’ll elicit the question: “Where did you get that fa-bu-lous …?”

For busy fashion lovers

After our modest start as a duo, we have grown into a company filled with women just like us. Fashion savvy but not hysterical about it. Women who juggle work, family, friends and hobbies, and want to look good while doing so. Women who are passionate about life and love. Women who know who they are and are unapologetic about it. Women who celebrate their femininity and love their bodies. In short: women just like you.

Service that makes you smile

We strive to be that perfect online boutique where you’ll find the ideal mix of international designers, favourite boutique brands and season must-haves. And because we know how good it feels to be a little pampered every now and then, we carefully wrap your order in scented silk paper, write you a little personal note and have it delivered the next day. You deserve it.

See you soon,

Monique Hullegie & Hélène Terrahé

Monique Hullegie & Hélène Terrahé

Little Soho